We understand the needs of your investors; management team, governing bodies and financiers to receive timely and accurate financials statements that are prepared in conformance to IFAC standards. The focus of each of our audits is to provide such assurance. Our auditing methodology starts with an assessment of the organization's risk environment. The level of subsequent testing of internal accounting controls, substantive testing of transactions and evaluation and confirmation of account balances will be based on our assessment of your overall risk. While unnecessary audit procedures will be eliminated, we will perform all auditing steps per the standards of the Saudi Organization of Certified Public Accountants. This way our audits are both economical yet professional in all regards.

SACAD is a member of SOCPA and thus, our practice is subject to rigorous quality control monitoring of SOCPA. Our auditors and accountants are trained on SOCPA and IFAC standards, and are internally supervised as well as being subject to external peer review. Our audit programs are based on the DFK International Auditing Manual.