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Chairman's Message

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys one of the world's fastest growing economies. As the world leader in supplying energy and petrochemicals, the Kingdom provides a stable investment environment for domestic and foreign companies desiring to expand into the G.C.C. nations.

As the newest member of the World Trade Organization the Kingdom has updated its commercial code to make investing in Saudi Arabia more profitable and easier. We welcome you to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, and SACAD stands ready to assist you in any business activities you elect to engage in the G.C.C. Outside the Kingdom our international network of 291 DKF offices can assist you wherever your venture operates.

We at SACAD always work closely with our Saudi and internatonal clients, assisting them alleviate risks and grasp opportunities. SACAD Firm’s knowledge and industry expertise include:

1. Industrial sector
2. Hospitals, clinics and pharmacies
3. Construction sector
4. Commercial sector
5. Hotel sector
6. Education sector
7. General services
8. Services sector

Our Offices

Dhahran Street, Al-Dhahran Center 5 th Floor, P.O Box 4099, Al-Khobar 31952. K.S.A.
Tel: +966 3 8969250 ; Fax:+966 3 8979926


Al-Steen St. Malaz Beside Bin Jalawy Garden, P.O. Box 325014, Riyadh 11371, K.S.A.
Tel:+ 966 1 4768908 ; Fax:+ 966 1 4771805


Al-Abdullatef Plaza Center- near Arfan Hospital, P.O. Box 15620, Jeddah 21454. K.S.A.
Tel: + 966 2 6734013 ; Fax:+ 966 2 6719431


Al-Saleh Building – Second Floor, Near First Industrial Vocational Institute, P.O. Box 6507, Al Hassa 31982, K.S.A.
Tel:+966 3 5879810 ; Fax:+ 966 3 5820078


ESCH, No. 8 Main St., Al-Ahram, Cairo, Egypt.
Tel: 202 338 84756 ; Fax: 202 338 85177



No one can deny that housing is of critical importance to the Kingdom. A recently released report from the National Commercial Bank (NCB) confirms most assessments that demand for new units is expected to increase from 195,000 units per annum in 2011 to 264,000 units totaling 2.4 million units by 2020. That means that the outlook for the Saudi housing sector is very positive, as a young, fast-growing, affluent Saudi population will continue feeding demand for housing. The mortgage law has been enacted and the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) is working on issuing the implementing regulations – key drivers for facilitating end-user financing.